jeudi 12 décembre 2013


Take One Collection/ Take Two Collection, CHRISTINA LEDANG

This Norvegian fashion designer uses rubber like a second skin to reveal the woman body. The transparence of the material allows to see the body shapes, the femminine curves and attributes, showing it but not in a sexual way. It's aseptic. Uncluttered. we go to the essential : cutted edges, simple shapes with no frills. There's a kind of softness, of fragility, almost medical or scientifical.  She's like protected by this plastic wrapping which fit the body. The seam, like a line, could be a scare. It makes me thinking about the work of NicoleTranbavang, with the concept of skin becoming a piece of cloth, the body only dressed by its nudity. 

Take One Collection

" My inspiration draws mainly from an image that I found of a woman from the very beginning of the 1900s. She is wearing nothing but a corset and a camisole, with her entire torso and arms covered in tattoos. This image fascinated me and I decided to base my collection around the feeling of this image. The look of the tattoos against her proper way of dressing, hair and make-up of that time was very interesting. She looks so correct and so wrong at the same time. The contradiciton between the two styles was very clear and it made me want to work with that feeling.

In my collection I have focused on emphasizing on the shape of a women, I have played with the idea that rubber is like a second skin. Rubber is a material that most people think belong in the fetish scene and my aim has been to challenge the way people relate to rubber. I wanted to create something feminine, strong and different.

Each collection has a Take.... name, which is because, I see my design as one long process and not necessarily as different collections. I'm constantly trying to improve my work and I want to be able to go back to a previous design and rework it for the next collection.”

Take Two Collection

Florent Humbert-Toni

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