mercredi 16 octobre 2013

Synthetic neo-laces as a skin jewellery

The Romania-born & London-based Andreea Mandrescu creates rubber organic shapes, a kind of body jewellery. Her "lace" is like 3D tattoos, between skin graft & scarification, like in and out of the skin.

"The project “Inlaid Fantasies” is based on the research of marquetry and inlay crafts, the materials and the aesthetics traditionally used. The aim of the project was to push the boundaries of these crafts by using different materials, processes and aesthetics and thus, to create a new tactile and visual experience. My idea, before hence, was to create an “inlaid skin”, “inlaid body”. This idea had an impact in the kind of materials that I used, different kinds of rubber, that some, like silicone can easily mimic the real skin. I’m inspired by the skin and how the skin changes shape on the bones, the curves it makes and the texture. I see it as a surface of exploration, that I tried to mimic it and create the illusion in some of my pieces that they are a continuous part of it."

A new way to dress your skin, that you could change depending on your mood. A neo-piercing, a nomadic tattoo, a mobile scarification, interchangeable.

Florent Humbert-Toni

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  1. Ver cool! High pics
    Super amazing
    Love it <3 Very fancy

  2. The work of this designer is awesome!